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Love a Joyful Office? Come and look

Date:2017-9-8 14:14:15    Hits:3226

        Up to now, office space is not just a working place anymore; staff’s demands from a single office space have been sublimated to integrated office experience which full of personality, creation, culture, comfort and practicality. The subject of the future office will be responsible by the young generations- 90s and 00s and it must be a tendency of fashion, personality, life, joy and creation. So, which style would you like? A colorful office is just like entry- luxurious windows-style? A high-technology and intelligent office? Or a simple, natural one? If you can’t ensure which is your favorite, please come and visit——The 40th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair. On Sept 11th 2017 an exquisite office space will be showed. Here, two newest draft designs are as follows. 

          Based on the theme of “Joyful Office”, Xu zhaoming, who has more than 40 years of experiences, a sino-professional in office & furniture, will be invited to arrange and plan the office theme pavilion. Integrated with space, furniture, color, art, soft-decoration and culture, whoever looks at it, that must be a great experience. Besides that, as high-end brand and market pioneer in office lighting, Lumbency lighting was invited to undertake this lighting project again. With its exquisite craftsmanship, simple & stylish Germany design and human oriented lighting technology, Lumbency has always been much favored among high-end consumers. This is the 11th times be invited to China International Furniture Fair, Lumbency  will continue to adhere meticulous work spirit and the group will be aimed to create a comfortable and joyful office environment by from selection of lamps, layout design of luminaires, production and mounting to all the details.. At the end, welcome to experience the office theme pavilion in CIFF.

Date11-14 Sep, 2017

AddHongqiao, Shanghai ·   National Exhibition Centre

Office Environment Theme Pavilion

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