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The following terms and conditions from the law when you visit this site to your constraints, before using this site, please read the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the conditions listed below, please do not use this site or any content contained in this website. If you use this website you agree to the following provisions.

 General restrictions 

All information provided in this website, documents, products and services, trademarks, logos, graphics and images (material) belong owned Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Any form of unauthorized use of information on this website behavior would violate copyright laws, trademark and privacy laws. 

Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. for personal purposes only agree with you on the PC display on this site. No written Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., permits, you can not use for any other purpose of this site. You agree not to anyone, including companies and organizations to copy, distribute, publish and broadcast any content contained in this website. You can not in newsgroups, mailing lists or bulletin boards to post the contents of this website. 

You agree that you do not have the right to modify, edit, alter or add any material. Without prior notice to you, this limitation effect automatically. Based restrictions, you agree to immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials. Do you agree, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. does not review users Lumbency lighting content posted on the website and the content irresponsible. Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. the right to delete any content at any time, a user posted without prior notice or consent of, and without notice afterwards, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. does not undertake any compensation responsibility. You agree that any content or third-party information without the Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., or Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Limited is authorized by written permission will not be contained in this website is mirrored to any other server or Internet device. This site can be linked to the WWW or the Internet will not be resistant Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., control and maintenance of the site. 

You agree Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is providing these links are provided for your convenience only, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., the contents of these sites is not responsible. Some areas of this site with a password protection (restricted area). If you are an authorized user of these restricted areas, you agree that you have a responsibility to ensure that your password and account confidential, and agree that if your password is lost, stolen or unauthorized third parties to decipher, you will immediately notify resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. You agree that any action on your account have occurred entirely responsible for any costs incurred, including password-protected account under, regardless of whether the costs of your individual behavior. You agree that if any unauthorized use of your account behavior, you will immediately notify Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. You accept this web site may contain certain impact the quality of content is inaccurate or typographical errors. 

You accept material or any third party content is not resistant Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) independently verified part or in whole or authorization of the Company. And agreed Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. does not guarantee accurate material or third-party content or timely. You further agree Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. for any third party content material and lengthy irresponsible. Limitation of Liability This website and its contents only to provide you with convenience, but does not guarantee that its website will be uninterrupted or error free. Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. reserves the right to amend or withdraw the right to enter this web page. The contents of this website and its pages, existence, accuracy, reliability and timeliness does not make any express or implied (including, but not limited to, ownership, warranty or non-infringement with respect to commercial or for a particular purpose or use implied warranties of fitness). Information disclosure of listed companies and any related disclosure requirements are specified in the relevant subject. In order to maximize the expansion of the law can be used, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. does not show due to any damage and loss copy or download information on this website suffered responsible. Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. liable for any indirect, special, replicable, punitive, incidental or consequential damage is responsible (including loss of data, revenue or other economic benefits). Local law Lumbency lighting control and operational headquarters in China this website, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the content of this website is valid in the international area. If you use this website in locations outside of China, you have a responsibility to use the contents of this site in the case of compliance with local laws. Contrary to the provisions of this site If you violate the terms of this site, Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. the right without prior notice or explanation to you terminate service reservations. Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is the preferred way to advise you of inappropriate behavior and recommend that you correct your behavior. However, in flagrant violation of this provision will result in resistant Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. to immediately stop your service. You agree Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Resistance Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Limited is authorized can improve without prior declaration and / or changes in this Web site services and prices, and further agreed Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. may revise these terms in the absence of a declaration. Your continued use of this Site constitutes your acceptance of this think these changes. Change the right Lumbency lighting may modify this declaration may at any time terminate, modify or suspend, discontinue any aspect of the site, which Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., without prior notice, to remind you should always read the statement and frequently visit this website. Interpretation Interpretation and the interpretation of the use of this site due to the resistance of this statement Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Because of this statement or the use of all disputes that occur on this site are applicable legal People's Republic of China, the dispute should be resolved through consultation, negotiation fails, by Lumbency lighting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. seat People's Court litigation to resolve. 

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