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Lumbency deep-going exchange with 12 design agencies - Shanghai

Date:2017-8-25 13:57:57    Hits:3137

On Aug. 14 ~18 , 2017,  Lumbency  lighting design team conducted series of interactions in Shanghai, aiming to promote the idea “Human Oriented Lighting” .  Taking this opportunity,   the team exchanged  views  with  12 major design  agencies,  namely  Shanghai  Tongyin  Construction  Landscape  Decoration  Design  Co, Ltd.,   Gensler,  KEKCOO Lighting,  Harry Decoration & Engineering and 12 design  organizations, etc.

With the high-speed development of civilization and technology, we see more concerns arising on working and lighting environment, not just for improving working efficiency, but for health satisfaction. So the key point of this deep-going exchange is to share functions of office lighting, different options of office lighting, the quality of luminaries, the influence of office lighting physically, psychologically and mentally.  Meanwhile, Lumbency also provided solutions about office lighting design, lamp mounting, specification of lamp , and how to accomplish high quality luminous efficiency, how to create human oriented office lighting, etc., all arousing good recognition among the professionals.

Tongyin Construction Landscape Decoration Design Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Shenyu lighting design Co.,Ltd.

Gensler Architectural Design Firm

Harry Decoration & Engineering Co.,Ltd

 Hanshi Design Co.,Ltd.

KEKCOO Lighting Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Candor Opto Electronics Tech Co., Ltd

Luozhu Construction Design Co., Ltd.

Ruisen Lighting Co., Ltd.

Summer Lighting Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Yoho Decoration Design Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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