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Only Focus, To Become The Industry Leader——The discussions and exchange activities inUniversities for LUMBENCY lighting

Date:2016-9-30 10:32:14    Hits:2231



   In September, LUMBENCY lighting respectively went into the architectural design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology ,the environmental art and design institute of Guangdong University of Technology andorganized the discussions and exchangeactivities with these two university for the office lighting theme.



    As a pioneer and leader of domestic high-end office lighting, LUMBENCYhas devoted into office lighting industry for more than 10 years, along with its keen sense of smell and professional services to seize market opportunities, from product development, process design, to grasp of market demand, delivery and maintain to the customer, also has been  refreshed constantly the record of industry posture as the industry leader. As the director of  the environmental art and design institute of Guangdong University of Technology who had participated in this exchange activities and said: LUMBENCY company has been set up for more than 10 years, but still focused on the office lighting, your professional, I trust.



On this exchange activities, the marketing department Mr Xu Xin, Southern China regional sales director Mr Li Gang as the representatives of LUMBENCY, has shared the optical knowledge and case study for the present lighting designers and detailed answer the questions of how to improve the light illuminance calculation, comfortable environment, how to help the designers to grasp and implement high quality light effect . The interactive communication with physical display have madethe designers to have a deeper understanding for products and brands of LUMBENCY.



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